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Want to do some serious study on the relationship between me
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Author:  eliezer [ Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Want to do some serious study on the relationship between me

I got interested in the Coue method as part of natural therapy for my cancer condition. I read the Brooks book on autosuggestion and part of Coue's book. I use regularly guided imagination methods which are close to autosuggestion, and use sometimes Coue's method.

However, I want to do some serious study on the relationship between medical establishment and natural healing.
For this I would like to get more material on positive or negative response/ discussion of autosuggestion from doctors/psychologists in Coue's time and after.

I have some ideas why Coue's method was not accepted in academic circles, but would like to collect more material to understand this better.

Author:  rag [ Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Want to do some serious study on the relationship betwee

Ms. Eliezer are you looking for any help to learn Coue's method?

Or you want to do some research further?

Doctors will not support or sponsor Coueism since it directly hurts and devalues their profession and importance. Humans get crazy if you hurt their religion or their means of bread-and-butter.

Unfortunately I don't have any of Coue's historical documents(criticism, commentary and other references) over the last 100 years. If I get, I'll be happy to upload them here.

I don't see any use of these. Coue's trick is simplest thing in the world. It is so simple that almost everybody wouldn't understand at the very first time of explanation.

Coue's method was spectacular success. Hardly any failures!

His wish was to introduce it to reformatories and jails to cure the criminals and outlaws and see the benefits.

In this English speaking world we may not find those teaching/Coueism but it seems Europe(with non-English language countries) seems to be bubbling with Couism( pl. see here).

Author:  Franz Josef Neffe [ Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Autosuggestion is an innate power

Coué demonstrated daily in his public meetings that autosuggestion is an existential power of the people.
He showed that each autosuggestion already owns.
You have not to buy the auto suggestion from someone.

What should all the established medical- and medicine-sellers do?
They had to eliminate Coué.
Coué clearly showed that they themselves can.
From Coues public meetings no failures are reported.

In a scientific theory discussion was alleged that Coues theory was wrong.
But that is not true.
It was pressure:
You will not dare to follow a wrong theory!
I have studied and uncovered it in my book "Lebensschlüssel Autosuggestion".

In practice, of Coué in all areas of life, the most interesting results reported.
Anyone can verify it.
Good luck!


Coué demonstrierte täglich in seinen öffentlichen Sitzungen, dass Autosuggestion eine existenzielle Kraft des Menschen ist.
Er zeigte, dass jeder die Autosuggestion bereits besitzt.
Du musst die Autosuggestion nicht erst von jemand kaufen.

Was sollen alle etablierten Heil- und Medizinverkäufer da machen?
Sie mussten Coué außer Gefecht setzen.
Coué zeigte allen, dass sie es selber können.
Aus Coués Sitzungen sind keine Misserfolge berichtet.

In einer wissenschaftlichen Theoriediskussion wurde behauptet, dass Coués Theorie verkehrt sei.
Das ist aber nicht wahr.
Man machte Druck:
Ihr werder doch nicht wagen, einer verkehrten Theorie zu folgen.
Ich habe es in meinem Buch "Lebensschlüssel Autosuggestion" untersucht und aufgedeckt.

In der Praxis sind von Coué in allen Lebensbereichen die interessantesten Erfolge berichtet.
Jeder kann es nachprüfen.
Guten Erfolg!

Franz Josef Neffe

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