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Why has Coueism withered away?
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Author:  rag [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Why has Coueism withered away?

After Coue's death, the world forgot about him and his discoveries so easily.
Jesus too cured people magically and he is there even after thousand years.

I think it is primarily because Coue always refused to take any credit for curing the patients and he always said that he held absolutely no power.

So if an ordinary man is cured, he has already been taught by Coue that all power lies in him only so Coue has tremendously belittled himself doing kind act.

Unfortunately this is our selfish human nature to have underestimated the importance of Coue's work and act of charity.

Coue was a sensation when he visited US in the 1940's. He was visibly very much impressed by the US environment and thinking style( even compared to that of his own country!). Unfortunately here too, it is all same - nobody remembers him anymore.

Comments appreciated.

Author:  Franz Josef Neffe [ Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Coue was displaced by manipulations

Congratulations to this important forum!
Autosuggestion in the high quality of E.Coué is the best key for fast + deep + overall success.
I´m exploring Coué + autosuggestion for 35 years. I published my thesis "Diplomarbeit" on autosuggestion and school and my "Hausarbeit" as special school teacher (Sonderschullehrer) on autosuggestion & hyperaktivity. My school concept is "Die neue Ich-kann-Schule", based on Coués autosuggestion, shows simple solutions of big problems.
2007 I published "Lebensschlüssel Autosuggestion".
It is no coincidence that Coué today is so unknown.
Coués meetings were public and tens of thousands of people seeking help every year made the trip to Coué. There are no reported failures of it. Who else had such practical successes? Autosuggestion that today such a ridiculous role plays, it is manipulated. There is clear evidence of the deception. In my book I call the sources. maybe someone makes the English translation. I´m sorry, my English is very small and not correct; I hope You´ll understand it.
http://www.coue.org is my Website.
http://www.congresmethodecoue.com Premier Congrès international à Nancy les 2, 3 et 4 septembre 2011.
Coue is used worldwide in. Let us all come together and show people the autosuggestion!
With best regards
Franz Josef Neffe

Author:  rag [ Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why has Coueism withered away?

Monsier Franz!

This is one of my main objectives( as I've listed in this site's main agenda). That is, I've had a good feeling that there is a trove of treasure lying in the European side(France etc) about Emile Coue. Due to language barrier, the works and thoughts of many people who are practising Coueism or even working on the method of Emile Coue in non-English countries in Europe lay hidden to the other part of the world.

I wish some French/German nobleman/lady would come forward in translating all those works that we can publish and everybody in the world can benefit it.

I've tried to explore your site http://coue.org unfortunately I could not understand it. Google translate seems to work but I'd be happy if I can present your site to the English speaking world. I find plenty of good links and names of those noblemen working on Coue's method.

Author:  Franz Josef Neffe [ Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Coue was far too successful

Is it a coincidence that there is no scientific research and teaching on Coué and the auto-suggestion?
When I my 1980 thesis on "auto-suggestion and positive impact in the school" and two years later wrote my thesis on special education "auto-suggestion, and hyperactivity," I found almost no scientific research worldwide. My research showed that Coué and autosuggestion been taboo for decades systematically.
Coué was not "the little apothecary."
He was the one to whom every year tens of thousands of people seeking help came from all over the world.
Seeking help, which previously had over the years many established professionals can not help.
Coues daily for up to five sessions of two hours were free of charge and re-open.
From these public meetings are no failures reported. Quite the contrary!
Let´s compare E.Coué and S.Freud!
What are the practical achievements of Freud are known to us?
From Freud we all know only theory, which leads into the problem and not back.
Coué had no time for theory. He went out every day from morning to evening practice out of the problem. Successful practice. The worst case scenario for established practitioners who could not.
The Coué method is completely unsuitable for the fee schedule for physicians. Freud's method was the ideal case.
Therefore, today the whole world knows Sigmund Freud and a few familiar E. Coué.
For some time, but that will change greatly.
The problems are now so great that successful methods are urgently needed as the Coues.
Coué and autosuggestion are on the rise worldwide.
Already more than 35 years explore, practice, teach and publish, I Coué and the auto-suggestion. A very interesting development!
With kind regards,
Franz Josef Neffe

Ist es ein Zufall, dass es seit COUÉs Wirken keinerlei wissenschaftliche Forschung und Lehre über Coué und die Autosuggestion gibt?
Als ich 1980 meine Diplomarbeit über "Autosuggestion und ihre Wirkung in der Schule" schrieb und zwei Jahre später meine sonderpädagogische Arbeit über "Autosuggestion und Hyperaktivität" fand ich fast keine wissenschaftliche Arbeit weltweit. Meine Nachforschungen zeigten, dass Coué und die Autosuggestion über Jahrzehnte systematisch tabuisiert wurden.
Coué war nicht "der kleine Apotheker".
Er war der, zu dem jedes Jahr zehntausende Hilfesuchende aus aller Welt kamen.
Hilfesuchende, denen zuvor viele etablierte Fachleute über Jahre nicht hatten helfen können.
Coués täglich bis zu fünf Sitzungen á zwei Stunden
waren unentgeltlich und öffenlich.
Aus diesen öffentlichen Sitzungen sind keine Misserfolge berichtet. Ganz im Gegenteil!
Vergleichen wir E.Coué mit S.Freud!
Welche praktischen Erfolge von Freud sind uns bekannt?
Von Freud kennen wir alle nur Theorie, die in das Problem hinein führt und nicht zurück.
Coué hatte für Theorie keine Zeit. Er machte jeden Tag vom Morgen bis zum Abend Praxis aus dem Problem heraus. Erfolgreiche Praxis. Der Supergau für die etablierten Behandler, die es nicht konnten.
Die Coué-Methode ist völlig ungeeignet für die Gebührenordnung für Ärzte. Freuds Methode war der Idealfall.
Deshalb kennt heute alle Welt S.Freud und nur wenige kennen E.Coué.
Deshalb kennt heute alle Welt S.Freud und nur wenige kennen E.Coué.
Seit einiger Zeit ändert sich das aber stark.
Die Probleme sind inzwischen so groß, dass Erfolgsmethoden wie die Coués dringend gebraucht werden.
Coué und die Autosuggestion sind weltweit im Kommen.
Eine sehr interessante Entwicklung!
Mit herzlichen Grüßen
Franz Josef Neffe

Author:  rag [ Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why has Coueism withered away?

Dear Mr. Franz,
Thanks for this insight.
Will it be possible to list all of your works at this site?
Even if it is in French etc, I'd try to translate them into English or other languages so that English speaking audience can also read and understand it.

Author:  Franz Josef Neffe [ Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Key experiences with Coué

In 1980 I did some research for my thesis on the world auto-suggestion and school.
Coues 2007, 150th Birthday.
I called from the International Coué-year and initiated three walks in the footsteps Coues in Switzerland.
I published the book "Life autosuggestion keys" - the first comprehensive book on the German language.
"The new I-can-school" is my working concept for the solution of school problems on the basis of Coué. 2007, the Fifth Edition. It would be a practical help for many, would at least these two books published in English. My latest book is called "I-can-tales for adults from 9 and children under 90 years ".
12 key experiences with children who report on the growth of personality.
On my site you can see http://www.coue.org my current books.
There are important new findings about Coué + auto-suggestion, especially about the simplicity, effectiveness, and the sovereignty of the practitioner.
It is mainly qualitatively much more possible than most people.

Best regards
Franz Josef Neffe

1980 habe ich für meine Diplomarbeit über Autosuggestion und Schule weltweit recherchiert.
2007 war Coués 150. Geburtstag.
Ich rief das Internationale Coué-Jahr aus und
initiierte drei Wanderungen auf den Spuren Coués in der Schweiz.
Ich gab das Buch heraus "Lebensschlüssel Autosuggestion" - das erste umfassende Buch deutscher Sprache zum Thema.
"Die neue Ich-kann-Schule" ist mein funktionierendes Konzept für die Lösung der Schulprobleme
auf der Basis von Coué. 2007 die fünfte Auflage.
Es wäre eine praktische Hilfe für viele, wenn wenigstens diese beiden Bücher in Englisch herausgegeben würden.
Mein neuestes Buch heißt "Ich-kann-Geschichten für Erwachsene ab 9
und Kinder bis 90 Jahre".
12 Schlüsselerlebnisse mit Kindern, die vom Wachstum der Persönlichkeit berichten.
Auf meiner http://www.coue.org Site kann man meine aktuellen Bücher sehen.
Es gibt entscheidende neue Erkenntnisse über Coué + Autosuggestion, vor allem über die Einfachheit, Wirksamkeit und die Souveränität des Praktizierenden.
Es ist vor allem qualitativ sehr viel mehr möglich
als die meisten Menschen glauben.
Herzlich grüßt
Franz Josef Neffe

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