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Intuition - success with Coue's method
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Author:  antoinette [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Intuition - success with Coue's method

I have already achieved an impressive success with the Coue method. I was taking a Trivia test about TV shows that I had never even seen; thus I had no way of consciously knowing the correct answers. After reading each question, I let go and trusted the subconscious mind to reveal the correct answer to me. Without trying to engage in any conscious reasoning, I simply chose the first answer that seemed to jump out at me, as if a higher power was telling me that that was the correct answer. I answered over 90% of the questions correctly.

Author:  Franz Josef Neffe [ Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Intuition - success with Coue's method

I demonstrate again and again with a little effort, thinking that effective immediately:

Many people have a leg length difference of 2-4 cm.
I'll show them.
Then we realized what the brain does everything for us.
Then I let them say, "Please, dear brain, make my legs the same length immediately"
We check immediately.
The leg length difference has disappeared.
The muscles and their movement can be controlled immediately different.

Sometimes I let the person say, "Please, dear brain, my leg doing another 3 inches longer!" Then we see immediately 3cm difference.
Then the person says again: "Please, dear brain, make my legs once again the same length!" and they are equal again.

I wish you good luck!

Franz Josef Neffe

Ich demonstriere immer wieder mit einem kleinen Versuch, dass Denken sofort wirkt:
Viele Menschen haben eine Beinlängendifferenz von 2 - 4 cm.
Ich zeige sie ihnen.
Dann machen wir uns bewusst, was das Gehirn alles für uns leistet.
Dann lasse ich sie sagen: "Bitte, liebes Gehirn, mache meine Beine sofort gleich lang!"
Wir kontrollieren sofort.
Die Beinlängendifferenz ist verschwunden.
Die Muskeln und ihre Bewegung werden sofort anders gesteuert.

Manchmal lasse ich die Person sagen: "Bitte, liebes Gehirn, mache mein Bein nochmals 3 cm länger!" Dann sehen wir sofort wieder 3 cm Differenz.
Dann sagt die Person wieder: "Bitte, liebes Gehirn, mache meine Beine sofort wieder gleich lang!" und sie sind wieder gleich lang.

Ich wünsche Euch guten Erfolg!

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