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Influencing Reality With The Coue Method
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Author:  Terry [ Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Influencing Reality With The Coue Method


Great Forum!

Do you have examples of people using the Coue Method to influence events and circumstances?

Without going into too much depth I believe that we, as Beings, are far more Powerful than we realise and at the risk of using a well worn cliche, LITERALLY create our reality according to our deep seated beliefs and expectations.

I myself have created certain circumstances that go beyond coincidence using visualisation and affirmations.

I have been experimenting recently with various affirmations in order to find a "Master Afirmation" to create Health, Wealth and Happiness in my life rather than trying to conciously find the correct affirmation for each different area of my life as this can be quite tedious.

I have come back to the Coue Method after forgetting about it for years (why do we do that?!) and have started it again as an experiment not only to cure my physical and mental ailments but to see if it can extend beyond our individual selves and change physical reality ie: circumstances and events, as said.

Again, I believe this is possible and any POSITIVE feedback from anyone would be most welcome even to the point of starting a "Realty Creation" experiment!

It's great to be here with like minded people and I look forward to some inspiring interaction!


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