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Efficacy of Coue's Method in Curing - For Uninitiated
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Author:  rag [ Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Efficacy of Coue's Method in Curing - For Uninitiated

Why Go for Coue's Method?

This post is for those uninitiated who don't know about Emile Coue's method. It could look vulgar for those who believe in Coueism.

If you are looking for any cures then I want to propose you a simple, free and a sure way to get cured from almost any type of malady by simply understanding Coue's "Trick".

This artificial, capitalistic world is full of exaggeration which can handicap our decision making process. You see an ad banner of
"50% off" and find inside one useless item with 50% off while others only 0-20%. Similarly there are also endless claims to market one's products or just to satisfy one's ego. It is very difficult to know true qualities of just about anything! Emotions too add to this handicap. You like something but to your neighbor it could be simply boring.
What does it mean? If I tell you that you're for sure going to be cured using Coue's method, you know with your experience, we daily see false claims like this.

But this is no marketing. I get no penny if you read below.

Efficacy of Coue's Cures - What can make you believe on Coue's method?

  • In 1920's he was curing more than 10,000 people in a year in Nancy, France for free
  • During this time he visited US too and became famous.
  • He was curing each and every type of imaginable problem - cancer, diabetes, hole in heart, kidney problem, liver problem, low weight, sleeplessness, low blood supply, all types of aches, skin diseases, moles, eye sight problem, depression, poor in studies, curing hatred etc
  • Unlike other cult leaders, Coue was remarkable in telling his patients that they themselves have the power to cure and his role was to simply tell the method or train them. That means the patient would cure herself/himself.
  • 97% of people were getting cured in one way or other. People with diseases in advanced stage improved in some way or other. Only those failed to cure where:
    • Those who refused to believe him
    • Those who can't understand or hear him
    • Persons with mental problems who can't concentrate on his words or listed him ( eg without conscious brain)
  • Coue's obtained remarkable and exceptional cures because his conclusion that willpower/conscious/efforts is the chief obstacle in getting any cure. Once you do away them like a child, you get cured very easily.
  • Coue has said clearly that physical ailments are far better to cure than mental ones
  • Hardly anybody ever failed. He has said that "It is simply impossible to fail if you follow my method".
  • Coue's method can be summed up in simple words: What we think of without will power/effort/conscious becomes true in the realm of possibility. It means Coue's trick will not cure you from HIV infection nor would it grow your cut hand.
  • He cured everybody easily having mental problems like depression. In the current world medical science only aggravates depression and anxiety. Coue's solution ultimately removes all haunting and lack of confidence fears. Depression and anxiety simply fades into thin air.
  • Every patient would become happiest person in the world on cure.
  • Hardly anybody's start of their cure took more than a week. While full cure could take more time to heal the body organ but within a week or so the cure would start.
  • Coueism is not against medical science but it complements it. If you suffer a fracture then you must see the doctor first, autosuggestion does the rest. If your eye is wounded, it'd be foolish not to seek remedy from medical science or simply depend on autosuggestion.
What are you waiting for? Start learning Coue's method now!

Coue could be judged best not by himself, but from another person's point of view. So read first C. Harry Brooks very enlightening book: THE PRACTICE OF AUTOSUGGESTION BY THE METHOD of EMILE COUÉ or choose the comfortable book format from here. This content is all free.

Then read the excellent book by Coue himself : SELF MASTERY THROUGH CONSCIOUS AUTOSUGGESTION. Or choose the comfortable book format from here. This content is all free.

Author:  antoinette [ Fri May 18, 2012 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Efficacy of Coue's Method in Curing - For Uninitiated

Thank you for the link to the book; it was very interesting and informative. You said that "If your eye is wounded, it'd be foolish not to seek remedy from medical science or simply depend on autosuggestion." I understand that Coue intended to work in conjunction with medicine, not to replace it. However, I would imagine that in many cases, if the power of autosuggestion is strong enough, a person will be cured without resorting to medicine. Are there any cases where seeing a doctor can actually hinder the efficiacy of the positive affirmations? For example, let's say that someone goes to the eye doctor for a routine medical checkup, in order to see if any medical conditions of the eye (e.g. glaucoma, cataracts, etc., all of which should yield to autosuggestion) are present. If the patient learns that there is a medical problem with his or her eyes, could that possibly diminish his or her faith in the positive affirmation of health? In other words, if the patient hadn't have gone to the eye doctor, he might have kept affirming that things are "getting better and better", which may have served to cure the eye problem that he didn't even know about. He had complete faith that the affirmation would lead to optimal health. However, going to the eye doctor and learning of an eye ailment may cause the person to start experiencing fear, which may negate the power of the autosuggestion. Would it be better to simply not have a medical exam for one's eyes (in order to avoid instilling fear in yourself if you learn that something is wrong) and to merely have absolute faith that by using the affirmations, you will be able to maintain your health? In some cases, if a person does not have sufficient self-control, the words of another person (e.g. a doctor telling you that something is wrong) may act as a hypnotic suggestion and a self-fulfiling prophecy, possibly causing the ailment to remain and voiding the effects of positive autosuggestion.

Author:  rag [ Fri May 18, 2012 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Efficacy of Coue's Method in Curing - For Uninitiated

In spite of what you say, seeking medical help is strongly advised by Coue. Coue's autosuggestion is not replacement of medical science - it simply complements it. There could be serious threat to one's eyes that only Eye Specialist could judge. Once medical science has done it's work, rest must be done by our own Unconscious.

I'm aware of at least one medical science where a patient could lose more than gain - going to Psychiatrists etc for problems related to sleep, tension, depression. In almost all cases patients lose money and health, while doctor earns. Psychiatrists etc try to change the idea in mind by different harmful drugs which even change functioning of neurons and brain.

If the idea in your mind is that of tension and that you can't come out of it, it is simply impossible to come out of it without changing the idea. The doctor will giv drugs which most likely cause drowsiness to the patient. If you are thinking Apple, the Psychiatrist tries to change the idea to say Orange by his medicines which is a futile exercise.

Author:  antoinette [ Fri May 18, 2012 4:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Efficacy of Coue's Method in Curing - For Uninitiated

I see what you're saying. Perhaps when going to the doctor, you need to maintain your faith (in the ability of autosuggestion to provide perfect health), no matter what the doctor might say is wrong with you. Knowing about an eye problem (via a medical exam) should not prevent you from having faith in the power of autosuggestion (in conjunction with medicine) to heal the problem. Perhaps it would heal more rapidly if medicine and autosuggestion are combined, as opposed to relying on only one or the other. The key may be to adopt a simplistic faith and trust that the subconscious mind can make you healthy, not even allowing yourself to experience fear, no matter what may be wrong with you. However, if a doctor recommends risky surgery or medication that has severely detrimental side effects, maybe it would be best to refuse the dangerous treatment and rely on the autosuggestion. Perhaps you should only take medication that is relatively safe and does not carry the risk of extreme side effects.

I definitely agree with your views on psychiatry. A while ago, when I was taking psychiatric medication, I actually seemed much more neurotic than I was sans medication. Sure enough, when I stopped the medication, I started to seem more "normal" once again. I think that a huge problem with both psychiatry and even traditional psychotherapy is that they often urge you to use willpower to alter your thoughts and behavior. Those familiar with Coue's method know all too well why that doesn't work.

Author:  Franz Josef Neffe [ Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Suggestive power

Our doctors do not follow their suggestive effect.
They create new problems while trying to solve an old one.
Even drugs have suggestive power.
We do not observe.
It says most simply: "You're sick you do not manage it without medication.."
How can we get better with this - unconscious - program?
We do not realize that this program is there and that we accept it.
This program has a strong pull.
Then it directs us to fight with PRINT it.
Against suction pressure has no chance.
In the I-can-school you learn the difference be between the pressure and suction.
Every child can learn to be the chief of all his forces and to direct them.
Drugs are no boss and they can not think.
Children can do it.
Let us learn from the children again!
Good luck!
Franz Josef Neffe

Unsere Ärzte beachten ihre suggestive Wirkung nicht.
So verursachen sie neue Probleme während sie ein altes zu lösen versuchen.
Auch Medikamente haben Suggestivkraft.
Wir beachten sie nicht.
Sie sagt meist nur: "Du bist krank. Du schaffst es ohne Medikament nicht."
Wie soll man mit diesem - unbewussten - Programm gesund werden?
Wir erkennen nicht, dass dieses Programm da ist und dass wir es übernehmen.
Dieses Programm hat eine starke Sogwirkung.
Dann leitet man uns an, mit DRUCK dagegen zu kämpfen.
Druck hat gegen Sog keine Chance.
In der Ich-kann-Schule lernt man den Unterschied zwischen Druck und Sog.
Jedes Kind kann lernen, der Chef aller seiner Kräfte zu sein und sie zu lenken.
Medikamente sind keine Chef und sie können nicht denken.
Kinder können es.
Lasst es uns von den Kindern wieder lernen!
Guten Erfolg!
Franz Josef Neffe

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